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The Courses

The School on the Square specialises in the teaching of english to students of all levels ranging from beginners to advanced, both for professional and personal purposes.
The method used is a functional one based on communication, linguistic forms and meaning, not on a series of rules or translations.
Lessons are presented in a precise context, reproducing real life situations thus stimulating spontaneous use of the language.
Each student is involved throughout the lessons in exchanges, conversation, debates, etc. with both the teacher and other students.
In this way each lesson provides practice of the four skills (speaking, literacy, reading and writing) and shows how subject matter and context affects language. Naturally the importance of correct pronunciation and intonation is emphasized throughout.
All our activities have a constant aim, that is, to bring students to a spontaneous and natural use of the language, so enriching their command of English.

The School on the Square also organizes courses for:
Italian for foreigners

Courses for Children and Teenagers - Courses for Adults
Groups never exceed 10 in number and every effort is made to combine students of similar level and age with similar interests.
Ideally enrolment for all courses is September-October when courses commence, though students can also join a class mid-course. Those enroling for the first time will be given a brief, informal test to place them in the most suitable course.

Individual Lessons
Specifically designed for those who can't attend a regular course - individual courses can be tailor-made to meet individual requirements including: flexi hours, special contexts etc.

Summer Courses
Our highly acclaimed summer courses are run in July for both children and adults - details on request.

Business/Executive Courses for Companies
Aimed at those students wishing to broaden their knowledge and develop their command of business English in specific areas. These courses are held both at The School on the Square or at the work place and introduce participants to modern business practice and expanding business related vocabulary.